The benefits of in-house employee coaching

Studies show that employee coaching has proven to:

  • boost employee productivity by 250%
  • decrease employee turnover by 25%
  • minimise stress by 18% to 47% in 10 sessions
  • increase employee’s job satisfaction and motivation by 40%

The ROI for companies that invest in coaching is 7 times the initial investment

In-house Coaching benefits for your company:

  • Overcome costly and time-consuming performance problems
  • Strengthen employees’ skills
  • Boost productivity by helping your employees work smarter
  • Improved retention; employees are more loyal and motivated when their employer take time to help them improve their skills and overcome challenges
  • Make more effective use of company resources; coaching costs less than formal training and traditional psychological. service.
  • Improves the working relationships between company and management

In-house Coaching benefits for your employees:

  • maximize their individual strengths
  • overcome personal challenges/obstacles
  • achieve new skills & competencies to become more effective professionally
  • Improve  personal management skills (e.g., better time management)
  • Motivates realisation of goals (e.g., by support to learn, set, implement SMART goals)
  • Creates balance between personal and professional life
  • Minimises stress
  • Increases job satisfaction, focus and motivation

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Deb Weidenhamer, founder and CEO of Auction Systems employs inhouse coaches Weidenhamer recently spoke with Fast Company about the benefits of having an in-house career/life coach at your company, Click here to read the article.