sales-team-2-2Living in a new country is a phenomenal experience. But with adjusting to new cultures comes a new language, a million questions, cultural anomalies, not to mention feeling out of place and lonely.  ‘Ex-pat’ depression is on the rise and it can have significant ramifications both for the individual and the company. So why not hire a Cultural coach who has the experience of this transition and can support the new foreign member of your organisation?

Re:Root offers Cultural coaching specifically designed to support a new employee during relocation and the first year of living in Denmark. For the Cultural Coaching the coach is also an international who has made the transition to living and working in Denmark and can offer advice and support from personal experience.

Cultural coaching provides both practical advice and cultural guidance so that your new employee feels supported either during their transition to living an working in Denmark or when they feel stranded. With a cultural coach your new employee will have someone to ask about practical information and will be guided in creating their own network outside of the workplace and not least learn to understand Danish cultural norms such as ‘hygge!

Cultural coaching can be offered to foreign employees as part of their relocation package to assist with the transition of moving to and living in Denmark or when the need arises.

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